Whats Happened to the Old Care4baby Site?

Hi Guys and Gals.

If you happen to have just dropped by.
Dont panic… everything is just fine.

As you know Care4baby.net has been open in one form or another for over 16 years proudly serving the UK ageplay scene. Growing as the scene itself grew.

But things dont stand still in webland as we all know. A couple of years ago now, the rise of Fetlife created a new home for the Ageplay crowd and individual sites like mine lost purpose as people are rarely only one fetish or another and the all encompassing scope of Fetlife seemed to gain enough momentum to dwarf out all focused places like C4B.

So why did the old site disappear?

The last version of the Care4baby site was “version 15”. It started in simple ways as just being a place for me to show my pasties and original artwork. But then as time went on, I added chatrooms and forums and groups and everything people come to expect from all sites thanks to the giants like Facebook and Fetlife.

But, soon the code on which that was based, the core of the site, became outdated, unsupported and risky. We had a couple of targeted and malicious DDOS attacks on the site causing the site to become very unstable. But I felt that it was time for it to come down, for me to proactively take it down myself before it was taken down by hackers.. or worse compromised and user data stolen.

Since then my focus has been on my own ageplay family, my direct family and my own business which all needed my full attention. You may have seen me at a few ageplay events, but my travels are much less frequent than they used to be. Ive kept my ageplay blogs going for my own fun.

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So.. whats all this then?

I feel that we are in a better place now, things have calmed down for me and I think that the UK scene genuinely needs a decent place to try and represent whats truly going on around the country. Lots of people write to me asking when IM going to get the site back up again and its only now that I feel postively enough to feel that its worth the effort. You see, the games changed, I know Im not going to have the sort of traffic I ever used to get, there is just too many icecream sellers selling too many nice icecreams for anyone to queue around the block for just one at one persons stall. But if I can make a site that has some value and some purpose Ill be happy. The scene is so much bigger now than its ever been and I still think that I have a role to play in that.

So.. What you done and whats still to go?

The main engine is in place, the forums are in place, the chatoom is good to go, all the social aspects work fine, the PMs and the commenting.. all that is good. Its pretty empty.. but it works and Ive tested it.

It just looks crappy… really crappy.. unacceptably crappy.

A little layout issue is holding me back and its frustrating. Its got to look the part otherwise its a absolute no go. Im a designer, so Im super fussy if its doesnt look the part I cant set the beast free.
Then I need to pump up the calendar with the lastest UK/Worldwide events, link in some Ageplay sites, make a directory of nappy suppliers and nursery. Line up some adverts. maybe grab some sponsership? (mail me)

and when I think its good to go.. when it pleases me.. Ill set it free.
and C4B will live again.

So, Thank you for your patience, thank you for willing me to come back  and thank you for all your support over the years.

Daddy Paul

UK Ageplay Community Site

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