Hello My name is Sibyl, and I’m really new to all of this but I’m not sure if I want to be a baby or a mommy do you have any advice on how I can decide.Sincerly Sibyl

Hi Sibyl.

The best way to find out is to experiment and try both roles. One of them will probably feel more satisfying than the other, or you may find that one really didn’t play out as you expected it to in your head.

It shouldnt have to be black or white, if you have a willing partner , (or partners) there is no reason you cant be both, switching is, I feel, always a healthy option as you get to fulfill both sets of your needs rather than permanently denying one. If you can do that with one partner then you are very lucky indeed.

What you will find will probably happen is that you will gravitate towards one role or the other and the dynamic for you in that relationship will settle that way, I don’t think you should purposefully make a big “one or other” choice . If you force a choice too early, you will leave part of yourself unfulfilled and that can lead to regrets about how your life could have been. Just try each and one will eventually hold no lure for you anymore and the other will become stronger.

I hope that helps..

Daddy Paul

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