Yesterday I lied a lil bit to my daddy but a little tiny lie though but when he found out the truth he grabbed me to spank me I got mad and I kind of bitten daddy * blushes * he spanked me more and send me to bed early really early like 8.30 with a sore but :'( he said I have to go to bed at this hour during a week !!

How can I avoid this bedtime ????
Solution pleasssssse ?


Well a punishment earned is a punishment Due. It is down to your Daddy, and only your Daddy, to decide whether to enforce the punishment for the entire week.

If I may suggest something, maybe you can earn merits to take away from the demerit.

Ask Daddy politely what you need to do to regain favour. maybe some chores, maybe some tasks.. I cant suggest what those favours maybe because its very much down to your playing style that you both have adopted. But he will probably think of something that you can do for him to buy back your mistake. 1 Favour for 1 day less of punishment.

I hope that helps

Daddy Paul

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