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  1. i pretty ladies and cute boys.

    First of all I want to let you know that I am a nice respectful person as much as I can be with my life style.

    My name is Kimmi and I want to explain a little about my life style so you dont think I am to off the wall. I am a boy in my late 40’s. However I live, dress and behave as a six year old girl still in full time diapers and plastic pants. I am bi sexual and have a cute boy friend named Robbie who I share my condo with. I have a life long diaper fetish and have been sneaking diapers and girls cloths sense I was about 8 years old. I was married for a while to a lovely girl named lisa. Lisa and I are still good friends and she still baby sits me from time to time. I kind of screwed up, to say the least. About five years ago she caught me in bed with a boy and I was wearing wet diapers. To make a long story short, from that time on she has treated me like a baby. For a while she diapered me as soon as I got home from work and made me wear them until morning. We no longer had regular sex with the exception of breast feeding, a little touching and once in a great while I was allowed to go down on her. I always cum in my diapers anyway. My boy friend has intercourse with me like a girl and I go down on him. I do not want to seem rude but I want my new friends to know where I am coming from. I was having trouble getting out of my diapers during the day as I would forget and wet my pants. I wet one time in K mart at the check out line and Lisa drug me to the baby ile and bought a pack of cloth diapers and pins and diapered me in the girls room. I am small so the birds eye 27 x 27 cloth baby diapers fit me. We also make out own out of flannel. I only wear the adult pampers once in a great while, So now I am in them full time and I love it. I am really into public humiliation. I can wear the little girls stretch skirts that barley cover my diapers. I find lots of great stuff at Value Village and also the mall. I dress like this most of the time with knee socks, cute girly tops and my long blond hair in pig tails with light make up. I always take a couple of dollies with me and my baby bottle. When I go out alone, which is not often, I carry everything in my diaper bag. I love to go to the gay bars and sometimes the college bars. Its pretty easy to get a couple of drunk girls to change me and give me a spanking but I always get ripped off. So I normally go with Lisa and or robbie, In Seattle its legal to wear anything in public as long as you are covered. I even walk around capital hill during the summer in just a white cloth diaper and baby top. Last fall I was with Robbie in a college bar and three girls changed me in a dark corner of the bar. Then they invited Robbie and me to an after hours party. It was great. I got babied all night on the living room floor, lots of girls were laughing, and my bottom was so sore the next day I could not sit down. Robbie always keeps plenty of diapers, plastic and rubber panties, extra cloths, baby blankets and all my supplies in his van so we had everything we needed. I wish I could do that again. I do get really lucky sometimes. About half the girls are really nice and sweet and the rest are the opposite. I love both.

    I love dollies especially barbies and fashion dolls. I have two life size barbies, and a really nice managan that I got from my work. She is really beautiful and she can wear most of my cloths. I Absolutely love humiliation both private and in public.

    We have found several ways we do this. One way that I love, is I dress in my little girl cloths and Robbie dresses straight. Then we park out side the college bars at closing time. Robbie takes off my skirt so I am just in a diaper. Then we kiss and make out and I wet my pants. Lots of people including drunk girls look in the windows, I even went down on him a few times. Then if I play my cards right, we can invite some girls in the van and go some where and get high. Most of the time the girls change me or at least help robbie. I could go on forever with this as I have been doing it all my life. During my teens and early 20’s, I would take trips to places where no one knew me. I would rent a room, put diapers on and dress up. I did not start wearing skirts in public until about 10 years ago. But back then I wore a thick diaper under tight pink sweat pants and a tee shirt and fix up my hair. I swear, I have had more luck finding girls to baby sit me than asking a girl out. Over the years I have gotten more and more courageous. I am very careful where I go alone. I eater ride with Lisa, Robbie or my other friends or take a cab. Its safer that way. All of the bar tenders know me and accept me. There are a few places such as Neibhors in Seattle where I can take off my skirt and go around in just diapers. The rest of the places I just wear a really short skirt with my diapers showing. I do like it really rough sometimes You can slap me, spank me as hard as you want to and do anything you want to humiliate me if front of girls. Most of the bars do not mind if a girl takes me in the girls room to change me. The mens room is to dangerous. Normally I need at least three changes in an evening. I seldom change my self anymore as my friends are really nice about doing it, For the most part I only wet. The only time I go poo poo in my pants is where there is no place to take off my diapers such as the mall. Robbie has a bed in the van so that makes things easy for both of us. I AM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR FEMALE BABYSITTERS, MOMMIES AND PRO DOMS. ALSO CUTE BOYS AS ROBBIE AND I HAVE AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP. I WANT TO TAKE A TRIP PERHAPS AND HAVE AN ENTIRE WEEKEND WITH A FEMALE BABYSITER. YOU CAN CALL ME ANYTIME AT 360-393-3707 or send me an e-mail at

    I do like to go to the mall and sit in the food court with my bottle and a Dollie sometimes. But mostly I go to the clubs and then to Denny’s late night. They are really nice to me there. Well, I just wet my pants BAD and I have two choices. One is wait for Robbie to get home in an hour or so or I can get a change from this older lady down stairs. All she does is change me and we talk a little. I do have friends both girls and boys who babysit me but no one is around today and I am really wet and starting to leek a little. I really hope to meet some people. I ALSO WANT A SESSION OR TWO WITH A PRO MOMMY AND DOM. CALL ME AND LETS GET THINGS STARTED.=


    Oh and another naughty thing I love to do is to wear my cloth diapers under a pare of of tight sweat pants with no plastic panties. Then I find some people to talk to, lots of girls of course, and wet my pants so it soaks through and really shows. I usually wear a skirt or dress but sometimes I like to do this for fun when I get board. Normally during the day when I am alone, I go to the mall and play Barbies at the table and wet my pants while I look at all of the pretty girls and boys and have a chocolate milk in my bottle. I also like to go shopping for cloths, dollies and toys. Not all the time but sometimes when I wet through my sweats, its easier to find someone to change me. I most always get a spanking as well.
    I always half to be careful who I let change my diapers and where we do it but it does work out much of the time. Last summer I gave this cute guy a blow job in the park in exchange for a diaper change and a spanking. During the summer on my days off I like to go to the park and play barbies on a blanket, I am and have always been a thumb sucker. All of my life I have never gotton over that, My teachers in school use to try to stop it even after my parents gave up. Anyway, this should give you an idea. Please do call OK?????? I also want to add that my life style is not only about sex. Its extremely emotional and with the right people I love to just be babied at home, watch cartoons, play with my toys, cuddle with my boy friend and other friends, and much more. Robbie and I have a double size crib that he and lisa built out of a double bed. Robbie often wears diapers to bed with me and we just lie there with our bottles and dollies and cuddle until we fall a sleep, Robbie does not really like day time diapers but sometimes we stay home and he wears them all day around the house. There is one more thing that I do love that is very sexual. I love seeing girls wet their pants and I love girls to pee on me. Sometimes when we invite girls to come over and party, they will do this for me. Then give me a nice bubble bath and dress me in dry cloths. Well I did get changed by the lady down stairs and Robbie is home now. Its Tuesday so we are just going to play and watch tv for the most part. Robbie and Lisa got me a lot of really nice new cloths for Christmas including some cute printed cloth diapers with teddy bears and some really cool pink rubber panties. Got to go. Its almost time for my night time diapers. I wear a double cloth diaper to bed so it will last all night, I wet a lot during the night. I love wetting my pants soooooooooo much. I will wait for a call

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