Let me say this CLEARLY..

If a mummy asks you to join a dating site to talk to them when they could quite easily talk to you on my site. They are totally fake, false, and probably a guy. They probably have 4 or 5 different accounts on every and every free community site and use stock images of photographic models who would be horrified to find out what their likenesses were being used for.

The system is called honeytrap affiliate marketing and these people make a percentage of the money you spend on sites like adultfriendfinder.com, alt.com and bdsm.com. They target lonely people looking for love and promise them whatever they want to get them to join. Once they have joined ( for free) you cant really talk to them with a paid membership which usually means a tricky to escape from monthly rebilling.

The sites they get you to join are LEGIT, the sites aren’t scams. I actually met my wife on alt.com – they do work.. but like any form of percentage based commission scheme you get people that want to milk it. Thats all these guys/gals are doing.

The one thing I can guarantee is the moment you get through the door, they will talk to you for maybe another week more before they drop you like a stone and they hope that you start talking to other people.. keep your connection/membership and they keep taking a few quid from your commission every month.

Just say no, people!

There are sooo many free sites like mine here which offer you the same opportunities withOUT charging.

I’m going to name check the biggest here..


You stand a far better chance of meeting someone there ( all the scene people have active accounts there – myself included ) and they don’t charge unless you want to watch the videos or as most people do they feel in themselves with no pressure that fetlife is worth supporting and voluntarily donate.

There is absolutely NO NEED for you to pay a monthly fee for anything other than netflix ( and even that is debatable )

Be safe guys – please. Sites like Care4baby and Fetlife and others were created to give you a choice – a FREE choice – please use them.

Support the scene and let these dating monstrosities fizzle out.

**PLEASE reblog this : get the warning out to every new AB boy and girl who enters the scene, let them know that the rest of us care about them enough not to let them get caught by this. **

We look after each other – we are family.

Daddy Paul.

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