any advice for a “daddy in training” I do RP’s with AB friends online and sometimes i feel like i am doing something wrong despite both of us having fun with it. they never complain but all I seem to be able to do when “punishment” is needed is spank and for some reason sometimes i feel like i go overboard even though they don’t complain out of character.  I try using other “punishments” besides spankings but when i do it feels like it is “letting them off easy.” please help if you can.


Online punishments are impossible to balance, it really is something difficult to pull off..

I’ve only known 1 REALLY effective punishment for online play. Its controlled by some big IFs though. IF you can control the space by running your own chatroom (and you IF choose the software well) you can instigate time outs, where you temporarily mute a chatter for a period of time of your choosing.. Putting them in Time Out and removing them for the group. That is THE only effective way to take someone out of the social play and punish them without resorting to “virtual”smacks.. which is less than useless. To make it extra realistic, make the punishments 1 min per year of the character age. So if someone plays a 3 year old and they back chat, roleplay taking them away and to the naughty step and them mute them for 3 mins.. after they ave served there sentence you can come back and if they give and apology they can come back and play nicely again.

Its super effective.. even against a 40 year od playing a 3 year old.
No one likes being socially excluded. its a powerful weapon.

I hope that helps

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