Switching is not uncommon. Most daddies and occasionally mummies have tried the other side of the changing table at one point. I believe it is healthy to consider both roles before finding one which suits you best. Some people will draw themselves on the line of 0-100% And some people can have a partner they can express this fully with.

Its worth noting that in couples where both parties are AB/DL then switching roles as required is usually the norm.

Sometimes though if they both lean towards submissiveness or dominance it can cause problems as one partner would tend to push their prefered role more often than the other. Sometimes this is counterable, but sometimes this is too problematic and the partners may choose an additional partner from outside their relationship, so they can both be submissive/dominant together as a couple. Ive been called in a few times to take this role and as long as everyone’s needs are fulfilled then both partners find this acceptable. Its a tricky balance though.

I hope that helps.
Daddy Paul.

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