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I’m a little that likes to play at about 5 years old. I haven’t had any one on one little time with my Sir yet, and he’s not sure if he is “into” it. Perfectly acceptable if he’s not, but do you have any ideas or pictures or sites that i may send him to to show him without diapers and pacifiers. I really enjoy your blog!


ideas of pictures of ageplay without diapers and pacifiers.. hmm.. thats hard.

Oh.. how about this.. We want to get the idea of carefree playfulness over.. of released femininity.. What about pictures of ladies.. attractive models.. on swings in playgrounds. For fashion photoshoots.. on a merry go round, eating ice cream at a fairground.. that sort of thing. Check out the fashion mags they always have a photoshoot, with usually a fresh faced young looking upcoming actress like this every spring without fail. Perfect examples of ageplay related photoshoots are like Alicia Silverstones Rolling stone appearance, Early Natalie Portman shoots for various magazines, maybe Drew Barrymore’s Glamour shoot.. like this.




I think they all get the fun, playful carefree elements over which is inherently flirty and frivolous and at the core of ageplay.

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