Would it be a bad thing to be a codependent babygirl who can’t ever stand up for herself even when her daddy doesn’t talk to her for weeks on end?


I think the fact you describe yourself as codependent is a bad sign.

It means you’re fully aware of your overt psychological need to rely on someone. I would say that if your Daddy doesn’t speak to you for weeks on end then he either doesn’t understand you properly.. or more likely doesn’t have the narcissistic tendencies needed to actively partake in this definition that you’ve either placed on yourself or has been placed upon you by a trained psychologist .

So to answer your question literally.. Yes.. its a bad thing. You HAVE to have another active and willing partner to encourage and keep the codependency alive. If hes not around, he cant support and extend the psychological need.

BUT.. I dont think that being a Daddy and little girl relationship is truly about codependency. A Daddy doesn’t mentally walk over, control and manipulate his little girl, it should be a relationship born of trust and respect and where possible love. I know that sounded a bit greetingscardy.. but you get the idea. All of my Babygirls are independent women who live their own lives fully and they choose to regress with a strong man they trust to show their vulnerable side.

I hope that helps anon.

Daddy Paul.

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