I have seen a lot of ageplay blogs post drawn sine child pornography.
Please tell me most people who participate in this don’t find it okay. 🙁
I would feel sad if I didn’t feel safe in the ageplay community.

 sadanxiousrobot  🙁

I can reassure you that the vast, vast majority do not participate or condone or encourage in any way child pornography and you are completely safe.

What you are coming across are usually pictures of children in a poorly thought out context. Those people just don’t think about the harm in posting pictures of real children in what is obviously an otherwise sexual or fetish themed blog. Even though the individual image may be considered harmless.. and sometimes they are definitely not.. – the context in which they use it in relation to other fetish images is not.. Lots of people who use tumblr are naive or sometimes too young to consider the wider implications of what they are posting. Ageplay is always between two consenting adults. Consent is the corner stone of any fetish or sexual play. Posting pictures of children is wrong, you can not have the consent of the child or the childs parents. Never do it.

I always immediately unfollow any blog that I see putting photos of real children (how ever innocent they feel them to be, or drawings of children that are sexually ambivalent. If I see any actual child pornography on tumblr ( which has been incredibly rare and I follow almost 5,000 blogs ) I always always report the image.

Take solace from the fact that tumblr is far too mainstream for real paedophiles anyway – they lurk in darker and far more anonymous areas of the net than here.

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