Hi~! What is the best way to connect and talk with others, for friendship and even a possible Caregiver/Guardian?

It is something I’ve always wanted, but I am really nervous and afraid to open up about my little-side. Any help would be greatly appreciated xoxo

Well, apart from my own site www.care4baby.net – which is primarily aimed at the UK Ageplay ABDL scene ..id say the standout site to connect to people at the moment worldwide is Fetlife.com, its a free site and has quickly become the go-to place for fetish players and is always lively and vibrant.

There, like care4baby, you will find about real life meets, munches and gatherings local to you. And there, when you’ve met a few people and feel brave, you will meet genuine and real people who are actively involved and you stand a far better chance of finding yourself a guardian.

I hope that helps.

Daddy Paul.

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