I’ve never seen anybody flustered after a bottle feed.

Actually….. there was this one time (in bandcamp)

I had one of my girls in my arms ready for a bottle for bedtime, She was settled nicely, it was all going well – super calm – lovely warm bonding experience..

BUT, daft daddy, didn’t check the bottle lid was screwed on properly, tipped the bottle up to her lips to allow her to suckle and the lid Popped off.

There was a mini tidal wave of warm milk that splashed straight into the little girls face, all down her dress, all over me, the sofa, everywhere.

The most surprised look raced across her face with the shock of the milks sudden arrival in wave form.. and then for a fraction of a second her face screwed up and she burst into tears..,

It was a perfect moment – pure regression, pure instinct,

I picked her up quickly, apologised like a good daddy should, hurriedly brushed her down the best I could apologising and trying to sooth her..before we both paused.. looked at each other and just both burst out laughing,

Another perfect moment.

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