I really want to have bottles before bed but I really don’t like milk, can you suggest an alternative that’s still suitable for bedtime?

I suppose it really depends why you don’t like milk..

If your lactose intolerant then you can get good substitute milks.. or “NoCow” Milk – as this household calls it. We always have some of that on standby as one of my girls is lactose intolerant.

But.. If its just the flavour of straight warm milk you can always just drop in a tiny bit of cocoa or chocolate powder, not too strong.. just a little to mask the taste and/or sweeten it up a little. Or you can use a malted drink like Horlicks in the UK. Those are usually really good for you as well with extra vitamins and minerals.

An effective bedtime bottle should be heavy and warming settled in the stomach to aid in relaxation and promote sleep and delivered just before bed as part of a routine, Whatever you serve you can always use a regular baby’s feed thickening powder available from all good chemists its usually something like a rice cereal or carob flour. This will really add depth and body to the drink. But they are harder for your little one to draw from the teat and so is worth having a special modified bottle for your night feeds which you’ve modified the hole to make it wider with a hot needle.

I hope that all helps little one.

Daddy Paul

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