What age am I.. as I feel that I like to play older (14) but I want sippy cups.. is this wrong?


This was a question asked in private and I have the permission of the little girl in question to post my response for others..

Please, never stress yourself over what your age is and what you should and should or can and cannot do..

Its a bad mistake to get caught up on a single specific age. people over stress this number and then set limits, they say as you just did. I think im 14 but I want a sippy cup.. well why exclude yourself things you want, because of a pretend limit that your setting on yourself.

Ageplay isn’t defined by number.. by a single set number.. that’s the whole point, you can be a single age or ALL ages, whatever suits you right night for what your needing right now.

Remember – Its play, You can be -whatever- you want to be -whenever- you want to be it,

Look at it this way…Playing Cowboys and Indians is fun right, you wanna play sometimes.. BUT it would be boring playing Cowboys and Indians all the time, sometimes you just wanna be a space ranger.. so BE a space ranger, its not wrong.. you can be a Cowboy another day.

Just have fun and don’t ever limit yourself to what people expect you to be. Your age isn’t written in stone. That the point, be free and be what you want to be when you want to be it.

Daddy Paul

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