I hope you understand that all of us do not regress just for a Daddy.

Part of me has been little for a long time. I just didn’t have a name or understanding to my emotions or behaviors. My being little has nothing to do with BDSM or being submissive.

It just is what it is. I am a switch.

My submissive side and my little side are much different. When I am in little space it is not a game of ageplay. Though I confess I do enjoy some ageplay. I just wish I could find a daddy in VT. :'(

Don’t worry, I’m well aware. I know all too well that the myriad of reasons that people regress for – and I know that it isnt dependent on a Daddy. The bottom line is people in general need to regress.

If that was the case, that the AB regressed for the carer or if a carer created the person who needed to be cared for – then the world would be much fairer.. it would be a perfect 1-1 ratio – but its not. The drive defines the need to be cared for and unfortunatly there is less people with the strength to want to or even have the ability to take on that extra load, which is why there is this inherent inbalance.in the scene

Ive said this often, espceially here in this blog.. but its so true. And I think you need to hear it from me again now.. for you to see that in reality we are actually singing from the same hymn sheet

Everyone is different

Everyone is different in what they call Ageplay.
What they do when regressed.
Why they do it
and when they do it…

Those differences are of such an infinitesimally small and wide incremental variety because everyone has trodden a completely different life path to get to here, to get to the play.. They have seen different things, had different experiences. Suffered different pains, experienced different joys .. lived different lives

You see.. I know.. As a Daddy I cant “make” anyone regress. I can help and encourage them regress by creating a safe space which they are free to let that side of themselves out to play without fear of judgement or criticism and with loving encouragement and praise.. But I couldnt just take any old person and make them regress as a Daddy – that just cant be done. No more than a BDSM Dom can walk upto someone and “make” them truly submit. It always has to be a two way street.

And I FULLY know for some, including yourself, that its no game.. I know that it can be at the very core of a persons soul. but you need to recognise that also at the same time for other it IS just that – it is a game.. for some its just play, its only fantasy , a very small piece of what they enjoy from life, and for others its a definite and solid chunk of who they are – I understand all of those possibilities, I have experienced them all and with every playtime with different boys and girls. I discover more subtlies and more variations.

What troubles me is why you think that I dont understand?

I think maybe maybe its because this is a very focused blog, with tight ideals about what I reblog or what I write about…

What I would like you and anyone else reading this is to bear in mind that this is just 1 of 8 blogs that I run, each of them covering a specific fetish/area that interest me. Like AB girl, AB boys, BDSM, petplay lingerie, love to really vanilla things like Alice in Wonderland..

This esoteric mix is my path that I have walked to get me here.
This is my reality.. that’s all I can offer here.

I hope that helps explain.

Daddy Paul.

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