ah okay.. I see..
I think this is about your definition of that word –  "choose"

“She is a woman.. but she chooses to be your baby girl.”

Okay.. you picked up on the idea that a woman may choose shoes or lipstick or her hair colour.. and, naturally, you don’t see the act of regression as a choice.. its part of you.

I totally get that. You’re right..

BUT what I’m saying twith this post is that you as the babygirl choose who you show it to.. The woman chooses the daddy who she trusts to show this vulnerable side to.

Im saying that as a Daddy – its a privilege and an honour that she chooses to reveal this sensitive side of herself ( of any intensity ) to me.
That is the power and the responsibility I speak of –  To protect this vulnerability that they have chosen to share with me.

..but also remember..everyone is different .. and that the other girls are probably just as genuine with their desires-  but that desire is less constant, it fluctuates, it will be far less predominant in their lives. which can from your point of view where it is far strong seem insincere. It doesn’t mean is a game or a triviality.

But dont give up hope. if you are sincere.. and find a guy near you who is just as sincere as you are, someone whose levels match with yours, then you will find the Daddy that your looking for.

There are lots of “players” as the slang goes.. on both sides. But it works for them in their lives. You have to identify where your coming from clearly and loudly and the right people will pick up those signals and the players will find somewhere else to play and move on.

Daddy Paul

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