I feel it is very very important to dress your little girl how you choose, her opinion can be taken on board outside of a scene, but always push her boundaries especially if she likes to be humiliated. Little girl clothes can be worn in public to a degree, find that degree and then step one step over that line. Suckling a pacifier in public or having one pinned to the t-shirt is a very good way of crossing that line. Tight baby soft pastel T-shirts, with her belly showing or some childish motif are good too and hair should be worn in a childish manner, double pigtails being a personal favourite, if not then a single pigtail will suffice. I always like to take my little ones shopping and buy her an item of my choosing and enforce the wearing in my presence. The details of which you can suit to yourself.

Public Changing
Since the toilet is strictly out of bounds in Daddy`s presence then changing becomes of prime importance. It is Essential that the submissive wear her nappy at all times when with her daddy, the nappy is her symbol of submissiveness like a more traditional collar and lead. and since Daddies shall be force feeding there charges, wetting will be regular. When out and about on a day trip with my little girl (like a day at the zoo or playtime in the park) It is important to take a full changing kit. The little princess should inform the daddy immediately when she has wet and the Daddy should choose when it is appropriate to change. Good changing places include, mother and baby rooms in shops, back seat of the car in car parks, or behind bushes, alleyways in cities can be risky but that adds to the excitement of a daring public change.

Private Changing
In the safety of your own space, much much more time should be spent in the act of changing, this should be close and intimate affair, a daddy should keep close eye contact and reassure his princess at all times of there safety and comfort., some youngsters hands become playful during changing times, allow this for a brief period, but request that she act like a little lady, and place her hands to her sides. if she fails then use a method of restriction to help the process along. .

If your charge is new to this she may try to cover up her modesty, remind her that she has no modesty, I like to say that is nothing I haven’t seen before and will ever see again. A baby has no concept of modesty and some little girls will find themselves reacting in an almost subconscious way to protect their dignity. Move there hand gently away, keep good eye contact, smile and reassure the little one that she is safe, eventually she will relax and her guard will drop.

Make sure she is clean and dry, use a soft cloth or wet wipe to remove any moisture – if you find that your little one has become aroused by this changing process, you may follow any path you have both arranged before hand (remember your safe phrase) but I like to pull out a wet wipe, and clear the residue aside and congratulate the submissive on being a big girl. use as much protection as you possibly can for the situation,

I like to use inserts or double nappies and plastic pants, the bigger the nappy the more babyish the little one feels, an ideal balance is something that looks great and reduces mobility for indoor play, and something more moderate but can still be felt by the wearer for outdoor activities, unless humiliation is the objective.

Bottle Feeding
One of my personal highlights of a session is bottle feeding my princess, start by being seated, lying with your back against the headboard of a bed or on a sofa is ideal, lay her across your lap perpendicular to you, raise one leg to support her back and curl her back into your waist, support her neck with your arm and hold her firmly, introduce the bottle making sure the contents aren’t too hot if you’ve warmed it up. if the submissive wants to hold the bottle allow her if appropriate, keep the angle steady and make sure the little one doesn’t rush.

This is an intensely close moment, you are looking deeply into her eyes as she feeds, some little girls will close there eyes when they suckle, I like to stroke there cheeks softly and encourage them to look at you, its a very bonding moment. Avoid newborn bottles as the flow is too weak. always clean your bottles thoroughly and I personally make sure each girl has there own bottle for hygiene reasons.

Spoon Feeding
Another feeding time, but more fun this way, place a bib on the little one, settle her gently on a cushion on the floor directly in front of you between your knees. then take your time with feeding baby food to her, Baby food is very sickly and taking too much at once can make a grown woman gag, as the texture and flavour is rich and cloyed. So slow the process down by playing games as you feed. I make sure that each baby girl gets two courses a main meal and a pudding.

Try to consider there dietary requirements, no meat if they are vegetarian and any obvious allergies etc. but flavour is Daddy’s choice, a beef or lamb dinners are especially rich and if she doesn’t like it then that’s more fun for you.

I feel it is important to make the pudding enjoyable though, a rice pudding or apple sauce is ideal as most people like those. don’t forget to smear the food on her face on purpose and use her bib to wipe her mouth, make her chew the food as well (impossible – but she will savour the taste) and pat her on the head or stroke her hair if she does well.

This is another chance to have fun. obviously it is a great chance to get very very intimate with your sub AB girl, Ill leave that to your imagination, but apart from that, bath toys are great fun to play with, a rubber duck or a squeezy whale will have your little one entranced for hours. You can wash her hair and inspect her ears, scrub under her arms and tell her off when she squirms. All a daddy has to do is sit on the toilet by the side of the bath and splash his little princes from time to time, rub some bubbles on her nose, and she’ll giggle just like the contented child she wants to be. make sure the princess has way too many bubbles in her bath and that the bath temperature is not too hot or too cold as this will shorten the life of this game.

This is another great chance to get your little one to know her place, sit her down with some toys, a cuddly Teddy bear, a doll, etc and just watch.

Say nothing. just watch, depending how natural she is depends on how much input you’ll need to add, if she doesn’t know what to do, start the games for her like a real parent would and wait for her response, she will quickly fall into her role once the first initial taboo of just letting herself be free enough to play is broken, after that breaks she will be happy for hours.

My favourite toys for my princesses are Duplo – for the really young (tip: put her hands in mittens to make it more realistic for her to play if she plays at the younger end of the Age play spectrum) and standard Lego for the toddlers, the ones with the castles and knights is especially good as is the shopping mall type, which I don’t think you can get any more. Cheap lots of Lego are available from Ebay ( you buy it by weight – like sweets ) rather than buying it new, although going out and buying a little set of Lego to add to a collection every time you meet is a nice idea and bonds your little one to her collection like she would have as a child.

Playdoh is really good as well, its important she smells the Playdoh, it has a very strong and distinct smell. Scent is the most powerfully memory stimulant, its the reason Daddies use too much baby powder or a specific type of bubble bath – the stronger the scent, the firmer the link to the past and the easier it will be for your submissive to reach that mystical “space” they seek.

Dolls are great too, make sure they are overly large and have interchangeable clothes, if you can find one with hand knitted clothes then all the better. Check charity Shops, one will turn up. The bigger the doll, the smaller they will feel. if you get a baby doll make sure its one with nappies and a bottle, little girls love to play with the nappies as they themselves are wearing, that’s a powerful stimulus for them. It reinforces there position and makes the scenario more real for them.

If your little one is creative (and you can stand the noise ? ) a few simple instruments are fantastic, once they let loose creating music with no rules or no structure its a very liberating experience for them, let them play as loud as they can for as long as they want.

My personal favourite is colouring, choose a good cheap colouring book let them write their name in the cover so they feel they own the book and then have the little princess colour in from a selection of materials from a nice pink pencil case.

If your little girl is right handed make her colour with her left and vice versa. This unstable grip and lack of control really makes colouring a challenge.I love to see a grown woman, wobbly crayon in hand, concentrating hard focusing on keeping control as she colours a teddy bear. Its guaranteed that she’ll stick her tongue out subconsciously, watch for it. and point it out to her – That will make you both smile.

Let her mix the media – wax crayons, felt-tips and pencil crayons, I like to deliberately not give her the right colours so she has to colour the sky green or something, and actively encourage her to go over the lines, its these fundamental rules that she is breaking that are an important part of why she likes to regress, these rules should be broken without any criticism or comment from you, if you can, you should subtly encourage her to break them.

Educational toys are very important as well, I have a set of wooden blocks which are overly large and have numbers and letters on them make up games to play, spell out her name, count with them, get her to sort them into numbered/colored/lettered piles, that sort of thing. I have a series of flash cards, sticker books and a few variations of games to play as well.

Pair matching is good too, just increase the number of tiles for an actually very challenging game, once your princess is focused into the game, her reactions will be realistic. Pair matching 40 odd pairs is challenging and fun, as she will quickly rediscover Iit’s initially confusing but as the pairs line up and the field decreases she will really feel that she has achieved something.

Story time
A very important part of the play for most AB girls, the important thing is not to rush the story, she needs to feel that she has your complete attention for a while. most children’s story books are perfect, but too short. take you time, read slowly and deliberately, after each page, ask questions about the pictures, if she is playing someone a little older ask her to mouth out the words or to spell as you point out a word. I like to buy any book which explains family life or a loving relationship,

For long term Abies, buy a older book and read a chapter a night to her, the progression of the story will make it an even more important part of the play every time, and near the end, your princess will be positively eager to get to bed to hear the final parts of the story. My favourite books for that sort of story time is anything by Roald Dahl or Dr Seuss – the Master! I would say take anything up to half an hour for the final bedtime story, kiss her forehead and tuck her in and turn out the light, sit with her for a while and hopefully if your lucky she will drift off as you watch. which is very very satisfying.

Physical signs of affection should be always gifted…and cherished.

Cuddle your submissive when ever you get the chance and when ever she feels the need,

Its important to note though that she will try to use the cuddle as a means of controlling you when she has done wrong, that is the only time you must be firm with her and hold her away, if you are angry it is important you show it, and not get bought off by a cuddle.

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