After hearing time and time again from young ladies of tumblr who are brave enough to run open and honest blogs about their own desires and sexuality or beliefs that get spiteful and vicious anonymous hate. I want to send this out to all of you as reassurance that your not alone and that we all get it and have suffered at their hands… I say these things to you.

Dont worry.. you’ll get that online, some people like to throw cheap jibes at strangers because they can – and they can get away with it.

Just always remember that some people when they are feeling bitter and angry with the world look for fights online. Its a way that they feel that their opinions can actually count for something, that they will affect someone.

Its really sad because they are wholly that unempowered in life as no one actually listens to them – so they are forced to look for conflict online to validate their thoughts and beliefs. The only thing you can do to win against them is to disengage.. to not to play.

Its important you don’t feed the fire and JUST ignore them completely, Fight fire with a VACUUM and never ever respond to their hatred or fears.

The Anons just cant argue against silence, this tactic completely frustrates them as you clearly aren’t listening to them, you aren’t taking on board what they are saying. They get frustrated because there is no gratifying angry comeback for them, no hearty retaliation, no substantial response, no glorious and engaging fight. The wisest thing you can do when running a blog for your own sanity is to I remove the “allow anons to message”. I did this a long time ago after facing the bored en-mass. It was a wave after wave of disenchanted and angry souls, Ive faced a whole planets worth of invisible impersonal angst and issues and unhappiness and loneliness from countless lost souls.

You just cant get involved in all their delusions and preconceptions – its far too draining of your valuable time and essential spirit. Dont get drawn in, because, just as they didnt listen to you the first time, they can never truly understand or be changed by your viewpoints if you get dragged into a fight because they dont want to learn, they dont want to listen. All the arguments will do is undermine your own self belief and cause the same doubts and fears that they suffer from.

So anyway.. Be safe online everyone
Fight fire with a vacuum.

Daddy Paul.

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