hi mr daddy paul i just wanted to tell you i loves your blog and wondered if you knew anyways to help me sleep at night me and my daddy work odd hours 5pm til 3 am so i don’t sleep well or get much sleep any suggestions?

plz and thanks 😀

Hi little one.

Thanks for your kind words.

Sleeping is something most little ones have issue with. Night shifts will be a big, big physical block for you and will always disrupt your sleeping patterns. You have to get the conditions for sleep right.. room not to hot or cold, low light level blackout curtains are a must for sleeping after a night shift. But a Daddy can help a little one sleep by enforcing a routine. Make sure you have sufficient wind down time before bed, no false stimulation…so that means no computers, no phones, no TV for an hour before you sleep, a warm bottle of milk will settle the tummy before you snooze and a bedtime story, I like episodic books for older ABies and the same book again and again for those who are younger. Having a cuddly toy when your in bed is always  guaranteed sleep inducer. I pride myself in being able to make the most hardcore insomniac little girl or boy flake out by sticking to this strict routine. I hope it will work for you and your daddy too.

Remember the key to this routine – is just that – routine. Sleeping is a learned pattern, so keep up this routine and you’ll find it becomes second nature in a few short weeks.

Good luck and have fun.

Daddy Paul.

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