Hi :)… I’m excited to have found your blog. I’m really new to the AB ls and just starting the journey with my Daddy.

Any advice for slowly trying new things?


Hello little one… (and welcome to all new little ones who maybe watching nervously from the wings…)

The best I advice I can give is to be true to yourself allow your little to develop slowly and without expectation. There is no “average” little girl, everyone is different and unique and the sum of all her life experiences. All of your early LG playtimes should be fun and romantic and warm and pleasurable. You should do things that make you giggle and squee with delight and fondly reminisce about how good and safe life used to be as a child. 

Use this opportunity to show your chosen carer what it means to you and you will develop your own style of play together..and that is all that matters., 

Do not try to measure yourself against others and the things they do, they are walking their own path and their experiences mean the same to them as your do to you. Safe Sane & Consensual is the golden rule what ever way you go with your play and let no-one tell you you are doing it wrong…There is no wrong, just wrong for them. If you and your carer are happy it IS right for you.

A very important thing to tell you though, and you must know this from your heart, is that you should not to be afraid of who you are and not to be ashamed of what you do. Its your life, and your body and you are harming no one. Be free and let the little expand and grown and become and important part of your life but Remember to keep your balance in life, the little girl is meaningless without the big girl too. 

But If I have to put one piece of advice on top of that heap, Its these two simple words..


Good luck on your adventure.

Daddy Paul

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