Your definitly not some weirdo, but you need to keep balance in your life and remember that both your little and your big sides are YOU and are just as important as each other.

The little seems more real when you play because it is purer, more focused, less shifting to what people expect of you, being grown up means adapting to what everyone around you needs, its good to be able to cast those shackles to one side from time to time and be at the center and enjoy your time in your way. But both are vital.

You should accept that these needs are part of you, and you harm no one in expressing them and as long as you return to balance, you`ll find the urges come and go like the tide and thats natural and healthly. Its like a rollercoaster, enjoy the ride and remember that you have to get off inbetween rides.

As an aid to regression, I find that setting and stimulus are the most important parts of the play. Firstly, allow plenty of time to play, turn off all distractions like the TV and phone and the computer, set out the toys you wish to play with, make sure your warm and comfortable, that you can focus on the things that you’ve surrounded yourself with. The less distractions you have then the more comfortable youll feel and the more you`ll regress.

Good luck. I wish you many happy playtimes.

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