Hi, my name is Rachel and I am 31.

For quite a while I have been thinking about being a baby.  The thing is, I have got a profile on fetlife, but now seem to think I have rushed into it.  I did get a daddy asking about me, if I wanted to be his baby girl, after one day of being joined, but I thought it was too soon, so declined.

Is it me rushing into things?  I have looked up on many websites about age play and think it is right for me – Now I am not so sure.


Only you can answer that one little one. 

Rushing into something is a double edged sword.

On the one hand it means your keen and want to do something.. and going with that flow and using that energy can create some fantastic situations and move you forward quickly into a new lifepath, You can meet some creative and interesting people who share the same goals as you.. I mean, Some of the best things Ive done in life were in moments when I was taking risks and reacting to a gut instinct and going for what I wanted. 

But on the reverse of that.. Not being sure about someone and something before diving in exposes you Two people coming together too soon can create situations where your viewpoints aren’t properly aligned and this can cause disappointment or disillusion, or even really bad things like conflict or danger.

If this guy approaching you put you on edge, it will be for a reason, your gut instinct is a powerful one and you should always listen to it. 

My advice is that if your not sure 100% about what it is you want from being a babygirl and what a Daddy should be able to offer you or what even a Daddy means to you. Then its wise to cool off, have a look around, talk to this guy and to other potential Daddies out there and find out all the variances of what a Daddy is and what it means, so you can find the one that is right for you. There are a lot of super keen Daddies and littles out there all looking and the right guy will come along. Youve already seen that with the world of fetlife there will always be a line of potential Daddies out there waiting for you. Just remember to let the right one in.

What you have to know is that a good fit is more than just being “a Daddy” – this is no difference from any sort of dating.. The person should be the right sort of age for you, have the right marital status, live the right sort of distance from you, have similiar interests and sexual&political views and at the base you should both share a common vision of what a D/LG relationship means. All of these have to come close to alignment to make it feasible and give it the best chance of happening for you and more importantly lasting.

I hope that all helps.

Daddy Paul. 

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