i’m 18 and I have always been submissive. I crave to be a little girl and have a daddy that takes care of me and age play with me. Im very very new to this and pretty innocent overall and all i know is that reading about this makes me very happy 

thank you xx



Hello little one…

Since this was submitted as a post to my blog  rather than a message… I’m assuming this is something that you’d like to share with the world and need my help and as a Daddy it is my duty to help you find the partner you need so, you too, can know happiness. So, I’m posting this to my wall.. 

But if this isn’t the case and you wanted to talk to me privately about this, I will of course take this post down immediately, please just drop me a line. If I’ve done the right thing, then good luck with your search.. I hope you find the Daddy you need. If you want to talk more about your search just inbox or email me.  

Daddy Paul.

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