I have a question about Littles’ ages. Both me and my GF are switch (depending on the stressfulness of the day), and are new to having/being Mommy or Daddy. She asked me my “age” and what “age” I wanted her to be.

I had never though about it. How do you determine your “little age”?


Okay, this is a very commonly asked question and one easily answered.

Real Life is all about age, we are fixated on it. it defines us. our role, what we do, what we shouldnt so, whats expected of us… and thats what your encountering here.. its a hang up from that.

This is AGEPLAY.. you can be any age – at any time – with anyone in any circumstances. Its really important for the play aspect of this to work that you are not tied down to one specific age.

Most ageplay sessions Ive ever had people arent a specific age, or of they choose one they rarely strictly stick within those boundaries as that limits them, they do things that arent “right” for a base age that they choose, but it feels right to them in that moment. and thats what counts.

Be Fluid, enjoy the Ages but dont become a slave to them.. dont let them limit you …. thats PRECISELY what we are escaping from. 

Its true that some people hark back to a particular and very specific age that they want to stay in, one they were happy personally then and so are regressing to be happy with again.This creates a mental safe space and a intimate level of comfort in themselves and that’s great too.Whatever that age will be then you will know yourself, try a few and see if you are drawn to any specific style of play.

But, Id say more people stick to a broader or wider age spectrum choosing a period of childhood development , say 3-5yrs or 7-9yrs, 11-15yrs.. which gives you a little more spread of activities you enjoy but keeps it within theme. Focus on one area like that allows you to expand on the themes that that area represent. As life moves forward it is common for littles to move between those spreads as they address aspects of their own real lives that they feel they are currently lacking.

Some even jump between those ages during an individual session

There is nothing wrong with that.

But Id say that another type of ageplayer lives an ageless version of their fetish without any specific age at any specific moment.. a kind of timeless alternative where those pressures and expectations are not relevant. This is also good as your mot limited to any one particular set of activities or themes.

So.. Whatever you choose is right for you is right. End of story.. and dont let anyone else tell you different, its your head space, its your needs its your relationship. There is no hard and fast RIGHT or WRONG in this game, its just that a game, playtime, and fun,

And let me pre-empt another common follow up question..Some people dont perceive “switches” as “true/pure” Abies.. Dont listen to them, Whatever works for you both is the key here.. and the fact you take it in turns and switch together I feel is generally more healthy, more supportive and more positive for a strong relationship, and I encourage you to share the balance of carer and little as evenly as possible as this will strengthen the team aspect of the relationship your building and will create a harmonious balance that will benefit you both.

I hope that helps.

Daddy Paul

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