I feel like by now there should be at least one brand of pull-up disposable absorbent pant – whatever you want to call it – targeted at the AB/DL/LG/LB/AP community.

There are now heaps of ADORABLE abdl diapers (which we LOVE!)

ABUniverse has given us Space diapers, Cushies, Lavender, Littlepaws and SuperDryKids.

Rearz have produced amazing Crinklez, Princess, Safari and Spoiled diapers.

Bambino gave us their Baby, Belissimo and Teddy diapers.

Fabine delivered their Exclusiv, Panda and Christmas diapers with continental flair.

MyDiaper started with their classic diaper, then they moved into a night diaper and now they have a cute, bright animal diaper.

AWWSoCute has teddy bear diapers in blue, pink, and soon purple.

Snuggies introduced itself with the faded animals on their waddler diapers, and then the even more stunning night diapers, before changing their name to Tykables.

And let’s not forget DC Amor with their adorable pink diaper. And this cute blue one called Kiddos.

So why no pullups? Something like drynites or goodnites or “pullups” but bigger. I’m talking absorbent enough to get through a day at the office, but cute enough to get through your favourite disney movie.

Look at those lovely pictures, there are two dozen different sorts of ABDL diapers right there. that’s not even all of them! Surely if there are that many of us that we are keeping that many ABDL diaper companies in business, it isn’t that outlandish to start doing some pullups? There must be demand.

Here here.. I concur.

Us carers need some pretty but discreet and quick to change pullups for our boys and irls.

Come on Diaper companies – The race is on!

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