I am new to ageplay. I am trying to get my princess to regress to a younger age. But don’t know how.  do you have any tips for me?


The best approach to have is a gentle and open one. You can suggest and explain that whatever age she would like to play at then you are comfortable exploring all age ranges. You should guide her and be open about your own desires and tell her the sorts of things that you enjoy and that you would love to help her experience. I have found that given that openness and that personal trust and freedom your partner may try something that she previously may not have considered.

But always watch out for her hard limits and any triggers, If she shows resistance to any of your ideas respect that and be open and talk through why shes not keen. There will probably be some very deep and personal reason and if you try to push her too hard, she will feel hurt and betrayed as you will have demonstrated that you don’t consider her feelings.

and.. I know this is probably not applicable, but its always worth stating for clarity, If she is not open to your ideas then please don`t push too hard, or trick or force her into anything. It really has got to be a positive shared experience, Any form of deception, agrevated badgering or underhanded manipulation will only cause stress to your partner and could force your viewpoints apart This has the potential to completely sour, spoil or even destroy your already existing play.

Safe, Sane and Consensual.

Joyous, caring and Fun.

Daddy Paul

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