Have you ever had a little girl who stopped being little for a period of time?


Hi littlekatiebear..

yes, its far more common than you would imagine, and both boys and girls feel the same.

For some the need to regress waxes and wanes like the moon. The need to play can relate to something stresses at work or stresses with family and when the problems are solved they feel less like regressing

But for some once the feeling is gone, it is gone, it defined a need in a moment.. The play was a point of their lives that has passed. whatever caused the itch or the need has been sated and the person moves on.

Often big personal changes  like having a child or a sudden change in a relationship like loosing a partner. In fact its commonly believed that the drive for children is what some psychologists link the fetish too and achieving that goal will stop little feelings permanently. Sometime loosing a partner ( either by separation or divorce or death) will maybe lock the inner child away as you feel that you were only able to share that side of yourself with that one special person.

The thing is to identify why you feel that you haven’t felt little and that will tell you what you can do about it to bring it all rushing back again.

If you want to go into more personal depth. mail me again and Ill keep the conversation private. maybe, just maybe, I can help.

Dont worry though, for the most, its just part of a natural cycle as I said and your lust for little life will return.

Daddy Paul

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