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What do you think about actual young girl/older man relationships? Not necessarily like a little girl, but maybe 16 with a man in his mid-20s?

I know that the power dynamic is a little more delicate, especially if you’re incorporating ageplay and BDSM in with the age difference, but do you think they could work under certain circumstances?


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Absolutely, there is no reason why it couldn’t work as long as both partners ages fall within their countries ages of consent.

Age gaps of 5-10 years between partners isn’t that uncommon at all in the long run. For example , there is a gap of 5 years between me and my wife. It only seems like a big deal to you now because of how young you both are. As time goes on that gap will become a smaller and smaller, almost insignificant fraction of both your ages. 

As a word of caution though many peoples needs and circumstances change during a relationship, especially between the first steps of adulthood (ages of 16-24) with things like new career paths, higher education, family changes – and so there is a higher risk that in the short-to-long term that the parties life goals, ideals and expectations will adapt and change to their life as it moves forward. So there is chance that the relationship could either fade away, fizzle out or be forced into different incompatible paths as both partners move and grow through life.

Just watch out for friends, and especially family ,who probably won’t help your relationship, they will urge her to find someone her own age, because of those life differences we spoke about, but as long as you don’t give them any reason to distrust you by forcing her to see them less, or any reason to hate you because you hurt her or fail her, then they will all calm down and get over the initial age difference soon enough.

But Hell – Don’t let any of that hold you back.

Life is for living. As long as you’re both legal  – its up to you two how you live your lives and with whom. So dive in with both feet and live for the moment and for each other.

Just remember to respect each other and love her as you would want her to love you and you’ll both be fine.

Daddy Paul.

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