I’ve always said that this is one of Comics greatest Daddy and LG couplings.

Of course – they aren’t actually biologically linked, the subtext is implied and then instantly dismissed by V.

But like a father – V protects her and educates her and allows her, importantly, the free choice to finish what he began after he dies, passing on the banner of resistance and possibly follow in his footsteps after he is gone. Complete his work in the new age he ushered in

They actually address the directly non-sexual nature of their relationship here. Evey looks for reasons as to why V isnt attracted to her, she is completely used to male sexual attraction, as V rescued her from her work as a prostitute.

As he is rebuffed by her , she cacan`tnderstand why, she thinks that V could be already attached or gay. Its never explained but I personally think that V is incapable of sexual feelings or even any physical feelings after all the experiments that he underwent.

Thats what makes their relationship so pure.

Its Nov 5th – an critical date for this book .
You must read it today.

Then – Buy a copy to read properly.
Its still my most beloved of all comic books.

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