January 14, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 11:45 pm
A Real Play Gym
PlaySpace Playground Parties @ A Real Play Gym

For the Littles and not-so Little, “We just wanna have Fun” Types!
Saturday, January 14. 2017 = from 7- Midnight

West London

An evening of slides, adventure playgrounding, party games, colouring books, classic cartoons and pervy playing (or just being wicked)!

Put on your party frocks or your onesies or comfy gear or Fetish gear (arms & legs need to be covered on the slides)! Or Dress up! It’s a Party!

But keep your capes at home cuz they’ll get stuck on the slides! 😀
This is the deal:

This is a Real Adventure Playground in London!

There is a Playground Party Group at https://fetlife.com/groups/77870

Booked for our sole use, the venue must be rented from 7-9 (thus the extremely early start. Sorry).
Each hour thereafter is optional and paid extra at an extortionate rate. We have booked until Midnight, but staying open past 11 depends on if enough people book to pay for it. ☺ (We anticipate no issue in the 12 close)

Alcohol (alcopops & beer) is served at their cafe and drinks are approx £3 per drink. The bar serves until 1030, but you can buy in advance. They have snacky type items, slushies and too many sweets!

They know we are kinksters and that it is a playparty, so you can play. Just keep in mind, please, to be a bit discreet while we convert the staff, some are a bit young – though at one party we suspended one of them! :-D)
It is a perfect place for suspension

– Super sturdy and fully cushioned. The riggers are enjoying it!

We made a couple “cosy cubicles” in the frame the last time – I don’t know if anyone used them or not!
This is How You Can Attend This One-of-a Kind Event

Entry is by door list only. Arrangements may be made by emailing the address shown below.

PlayGround Party Dress Code

There is no minimum Dress Code except venue rules of:

Arms and legs must be covered to go down the slides
Socks must be worn inside the climbing frame (No shoes allowed inside either)
No clothing with strings around the neck
No jewelry which could get lost or puncture the mats
No nudity (well it isn’t one of their rules and we haven’t ever asked them if anyone could go nude, but it is a public venue and staff lifts etc. pop in and out. So, no.)

As this is an evening of running around and having fun, the main goal is to be comfortable and run around and errrr…..have fun! However, please do be tidy and effort is appreciated – it is a party, after all!
Where Is It?

That’s a secret until we know you are coming. 😀 It is London, but not Central London. Public Transport is possible, but it is better to drive, probably. There is ample free parking near the venue.

Want to Attend or Need More Information?

Please email kinkyplayspace@yahoo.co.uk to arrange your tickets or if there are any questions.

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